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Champions of Innovation


Champions of Innovation

In 2016, the Code Innovations Database will expand from a successful pilot project to become a national resource of incredible value. The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild needs Champions of Innovation to step forward and make this expansion possible.  It’s a bold challenge befitting our big plans for the future.

Champions give $1,000 and invite others to join our cause.

This is a personal appeal to individuals who are Champions, not a request for corporate sponsorship.  We need your help to empower the Guild’s community of innovators with this powerful new tool.  Champions will be recognized in our Founders Circle, and known as the visionary leaders who took bold action for innovation at a crucial moment in history.

We need Champions like you to:

Give your endorsement and testimonial to help us build momentum as we approach foundations, agencies and other potential funders with larger requests, and help us reach our Board’s stretch goal of $60,000 by January 7, 2016 and set the pace for expansion.  Invite others to join our cause during the #Giving Tower Holiday Challenge, December 1, 2015 - January 7, 2016

Ways to become a CIDB Champion:

CIDB Regional Expansion 2016-18


  • Publish hundreds more case studies of successful innovative projects
  • Add stories, details and links on green codes, initiatives and the innovators who created them
  • Advocate for policy innovation at multiple levels to advance living, high-performance buildings
  • Educate through the Guild’s events and networks
  • Partner with jurisdictions and innovative organizations and to expand our reach and impact
  • Partner with academic institutions to give emerging green building professionals real world experience
  • Implement our self-sustaining business model


You can be the Champion that makes all this possible!

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