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Instructions and Resources for Builders - for using the code innovations database,

Calling all Green Builders!

Architects & Designers, Contractors, Suppliers, Owner-Builders and other innovators!  You are on the cutting edge of technology that is transforming our built environment for energy efficiency, low-impact development, sustainable materials and more.

We invite you to participate in the Code Innovations Database Project!

You can:

Help us Build the Database:  Submit a Code Innovation Case Study Idea

If you've ever convinced a code official to approve your innovative building design, material or technology, please tell us about it! A code innovation is a green building, high-performance or other innovative approach or item which challenged the code in some way (i.e. took a non-prescriptive permitting path), but ultimately gained approval to be constructed. Learn about our Case Study Methodology.

If accepted, a Case Study of your project would include details of the permitting process, approval requirements, & design specifications of your innovation, ultimately providing a "road map" of how you got the permit. Whether the case was site-specific or universally replicable, our volunteer researchers will work with you and the approving official to write a 2-3 page case study documenting what you did and the "lessons learned."  Finished case studies are posted on our website, and perhaps even featured on our blog.

To Submit your case study idea, simply take five minutes to complete our "Project Short Form." We will contact you if your project is selected for further study.  See our Case Study Methodology.

See previous case studies!

Find the latest in Green Code development, programs and initiatives

We are building a growing list of references including adopted, under review or proposed "Green" Codes and Standards, which are those codes, design and development, engineering or other standards which affect the regulation of building and construction in the United States and abroad.  Please help us discover a new Green Code [Insert Submit Green Code Reference form]

Link to Building Codes & Standards organizations

The Project is assembling a list of Codes and Standards Organizations which will include:

  • PNW State Codes and Standards Organizations:  Washington, Oregon and Idaho (neighboring states and provinces will be added to the list later TBD).
  • U.S. Codes and Standards Developing Organizations
  • International Codes and Standards Organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • U.S. Federal Agencies

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This Page is Under Construction:  Please check back later for updates!  email your comments!


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