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Research with Innovators

Instructions for Case Study Research to be performed by an Innovator, to write and publish research on his or her own project

As the INNOVATOR you are in the best position to write a case study on your own project, and submit it to be published at!

Benefits of Contributing Your Case Study:

  • Publish a precedent from one jurisdiction to support approval of your innovation in other jurisdictions
  • Be recognized for your leadership and innovation, by getting published on our website
  • Expand the body of knowledge and support sharing information and educating the next generation of green builders!


The First Step is to Submit your Case Study

Using our 30-second submission form.  If you want to submit additional information at that time, complete the full form which should take less than 5 minutes.  The form need not be complete to be submitted.  Click here to submit your case study.

Then, write your case study using:

  1. The Annotated Format Template.  This details the expected format for a case study to be published in the Database.
  2. Case Study Research Guide for Innovators - a step-by-step guide tailored to someone directly involved in a project (i.e. you) that explains our research methodology.
  3. Questions and Prompts can help guide you to produce certain types of information for the case study

When you have written your case study to conform with our format and methodology, please send it to our Principal Investigator for review (MS Word or equivalent format preferred).  Email to Chris van Daalen, Principal Investigator: or call (360) 789-9669

The Review process from there includes:

a)      Initial review by the Principal Investigator, who will check that it conforms with the template, and return it with comments and edits for accuracy and style.

b)      PI or Research Innovator then sends it to project contributors other than the author (e.g. owner, engineer, architect, subcontractor, etc.) for the required Informant Review Process;

c)       In the future we plan to institute peer review by Subject Matter Experts (SME) process, but do not yet have the capacity to do so.

Using the Annotated Template:

The first page of the Format Template is left blank; it is meant to be copied into a separate Google Doc on the “CIDB Case Studies” drive and titled with the draft case study title.  Pages 2-4 repeats the template, this time including detailed instructions for the information to be included in each separate data field or narrative section.  This Template conforms with the case study Publishing Interface on our website (part of, which you will use to upload your case study once it is complete.

Using Google Drive:

Whenever possible, we utilize Google Drive to collaborate on research and to share documents and other data.  If you already have a account, please provide your Gmail address so we can share with you the CIDB Case Studies Google Drive.  You will then be able to log in and see and collaborate with some of the other research work going on, and we’ll be able to collaborate and share with yours.  We are developing a specific set of instructions for using Google docs (in development), for now, I will walk you through the process:  Once you are looking at our shared folder on your computer, call the Principal Investigator for a bit of coaching.

For now, please click the following link to the shared Drive to request access. .  You will be prompted to either a) provide your gmail address or b) create a new account using your primary email address.

Getting Down to Work

Once you are in the shared Drive “CIDB Case Studies/In Production/Innovator” go through the following documents – these are referenced in the main Template by hyper link, or you can jump to each of them from here.  They will help you understand the process from beginning to end, beginning with:


It takes approximately 30 minutes to review these documents, after which please call or email any immediate questions to Principal Investigator:  Chris van Daalen (360) 789-9669; and (only for Google docs).

Publishing Your Case Study

Once your case study has been reviewed and approved by the Principal Investigator to be published, it must be uploaded into the Publishing Interface - an online visual editor that operates similar to a Google site or Wordpress blog.  Only logged-in users have access to enter and publish data; the PI will send you guest log-in information with the approval to publish.  Or if you are EcoBuilding Guild Member we can add publishing permissions to your account.  Not a Member?  Consider the Benefits of belonging to the NW EcoBuilding Guild! Or JOIN now.

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