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Research with Interns

Real World Experience = Enhanced Technical Education

This section contains a practicum training curriculum intended for academic faculty, trades instructors, interns & students, and volunteer researchers who want to learn about the most advanced green building science & building codes and standards, while gaining real-world experience related to design, planning, project management and construction techniques and materials.  Our researchers have direct contact with professionals and officials researching specific construction projects, and create value for the community as a whole.

If you would like to volunteer to help with Case Study Research, please apply for one of our currently available volunteer / internship positions.

The curriculum we developed for The Evergreen State College Class “Ecology and the Built Environment” during which 45 students learned how to conduct case studies, and assigned to so in small teams, yielding 15 case studies.

The following documents are intended to assist you in getting involved as a volunteer researcher to support the Code Innovations Database:

Case Study Research Guide

Covers all the basics to completing a Case Study.

Powerpoint Presentation

Detailed explanation of our Case Study methodology, following Case Study Research Guide.

Suggested Readings and Resources

Background reading on Building Codes, code barriers to innovation, and the role of innovation in a healthy economy.

Lists of Codes and Standards

Includes links to IBC, IRC, and others.

Assignments and Handouts

Project Assignments, worksheets and training scripts that go with the Curriculum.


Powerpoints and videos explaining different aspects of the project.

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