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Suggested Readings

The following citations are part of the Syllabus for Code Innovations Research & Education curriculum

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AIA Introduction to Codes and Standards - American Institute of Architects published this useful report;  Read it for a concise, insightful overview of codes and how codes are "going green."

Online Code Environment and Advocacy Network - Research Topics - more succinct, thoughtful reading on how Codes are developed, adopted, implemented, enforced, as well as how code officials are trained and more.

International Code Council - Model Codes - to understand the basic purpose of the ICC model codes  “iCode Set” - read these sections


Code Innovations and Why they are Important -

1. Report:  Breaking Down the Barriers: Challenges and Solutions to Code Approval of Green Building by David Eisenberg, Robert Done, and Loretta Ishida.  Development Center for Appropriate Technology, 2002.

2. Report Building Codes: Barriers to Green Innovation by Garman, Jennifer et. al.  Dovetail Partners, Inc. 18 October 2011.

Sections of this Website -

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