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Underwrite a Gem of Innovation

Underwrite a Gem of Innovation and we'll publish it as a full-blown case study in 2016! The Code Innovations Database makes it easier to build green.

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is preparing launch our

"Gems of Innovation" Campaign

so we can publish many more case studies in the Code Innovations Database in 2016

We are looking for EcoBuilding Allies to Underwrite a Gem by July 15, 2016.  Watch our video or visit our fundraiser page!

The campaign is underway NOW thru July 14 to reach our goal of $30,000, so we can publish 20 more "Gems of Innovation" case studies this year.

You can help by:

When the campaign is successful, and your Gem is fully underwritten*, we'll publish it as a full-blown case study by the end of the year!

Case Studies tell the story of a high-performance green building innovation from concept and cost-benefit through permitting, construction and performance. By donating today, you'll make sure this story gets out there where it needs to be!

“Gems” Underwriters will be acknowledged via social media, recognized publicly at a Guild event in the next year and receive other benefits!  Your name (and affiliation) will be included in the case study as a contributing underwriter.

See a Gem that Inspires you?

*The NW EcoBuilding Guild will publish any Gems underwritten by the end of the 2016 calendar year that satisfies the following conditions: 1) At least $1,500 is raised, committed and received by July 31, 2016; and 2) Project owner, at least one designer or builder, and approving code official are willing to support the case study with information and informant review.

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