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Brandon D Burmeister Design

Brandon D Burmeister Design
Brandon D Burmeister Design, S.P.  |  Seattle, WA
Enduring Design for Urban & Remote Settings

One of the many enjoyable aspects of architectural design is the process itself and how it is truly unique to every project undertaken at Brandon D Burmeister Design.  It is this respect for each project, each client, that yields a design that pays tribute to the user’s lifestyle (how they actually live), is sustainable (with respects to economic longevity, ecologically-minded, and benefits society as a whole– either directly or indirectly), and evokes a sense of pride for the user and the community.  Design is a worthwhile pursuit to maximize the human experience by elevating his/her relationship to their surrounding natural and built environment.

As an independent designer, I request a dialog with you regarding your upcoming residential or remote facility project. With over 15 collective years experience in architecture, field construction, and remote logistics, I specialize in self-sufficient structures built specifically for remote settings-- or apply the same attention to detail and conscientiousness to an urban residential or light commercial application.

Whether you're preparing a new residence/addition or back yard cottage, seek a writing or yoga retreat, wish to establish a scientific research facility or cultural/natural interpretive center, or finally fulfill that dream of starting an off-grid winery or bed & breakfast, I can help you achieve your most ambitious project goals while existing in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

My experience includes all phases of architectural design covering a broad set of project types from schools to multi-family housing while having worked for both small and large architectural firms. Yearning for adventure, I escaped the office life years ago and developed construction experience from remote research facilities in Antarctica and Greenland to building the new US Embassy in Beijing. Embracing this hands-on building experience-- tactile familiarity with wood, concrete, and steel-- is a means for inspiring innovative design.

Opening my business in 2007, I offer a full range of start to finish project services to those that are embarking on a large or small building venture. I am familiar with the city's permitting process and pursue the most progressive certifications in sustainable design, including the US Green Building Council, and stay abreast with new practices and technologies as they evolve. Together, these amount to an exciting, seamless, and thorough service for you. I take-on only one project at a time to ensure design integrity and client satisfaction, am your single point of contact, and work out of my home offering low-overhead rates.
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Brandon D Burmeister
Seattle, WA