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Hydronic Heating Design, llc

Hydronic Heating Design, llc

We work with the owner’s architect, contractor or builder to achieve an energy efficient mechanical system design, engineered for comfort, reliability and ease of maintenance. Hydronic – Radiant systems are our specialty. Efficient, durable, quiet and generally the less expensive system when considering Life-Cycle cost.

“Hydronic” - the use of water as the heating medium, moving heat from the heat source (boiler, heat pump, even solar) to the heated structure.
“Radiant” - objects (you and me) are heated, not air. Lower temperature and efficient.

Our first step is the Heat-Lost or Load Calculation based on the drawing package. From the Load Calcs we look at upgrades (insulation, windows, etc) in terms of dollars per year energy savings. Working with the contractor/builder, we can determine Return-on-Investment or Payout for the client’s consideration.

At this time we also look at energy options based on owner preference and building location. Is Natural Gas available? Is solar possible? Is summer cooling desired? This will directionally determine the mechanical system choices. Our website includes the Heating-Fuel-Calculator spreadsheet that we use to determine the best fuel option.

Our final step and end product are the drawings and equipment specifications that result in a first rate Mechanical Systems design. For details, please visit our website.
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