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Instinct Builders

Instinct Builders

We Build Special Structures

Using the most cutting edge and intelligent modern building practices and materials, in harmony with ancient construction knowledge and the highest level of craftsmanship. Creating spaces that feel good to your spirit, look good to your eyes and comfort your body.
We Listen To The Earth

Our deepest, and guiding principle, is to honor the Earth and stars in the spaces that we build. Bringing together a broad range of disciplines to create the most resonant structure possible. Using site sourced, salvaged and responsibly manufactured materials whenever possible.
We Listen To You

Having honest and real conversations at every step of the project to continually refine the design, budget and essence of what we are creating together. Bringing to form your dreams, true intentions and embodiment of your spirit.
We Are Greater Than the Sum Of Our Parts

Our team consists of a large network of craftsman of the highest caliber and integrity. Bringing together a team of experts in their fields to create the final product that will stand the test of time. Architects, engineers, permaculturalists, renewable energy experts, astro-cartographers, artisans and skilled laborers each contribute to the overall, culminating in a completely unique and exquisite creation.
We Educate

Our large projects will include an apprenticeship for one or more builders. An opportunity for continuing the legacy of building with quality. Each apprentice applicant will go through a detailed interview process and be matched with a project to suit their current and desired skills. It is when you teach something that you truly begin to understand it.
We Are Unique

Our foundational ethos is to operate with the highest level of integrity, transparency and quality. Each nail that is driven, each cut that is made contributes to the energy and essence of the structure, we seek to create beauty in every step. We are skilled craftsman and project managers who operate incredibly efficiently, professionally and with integrity in all we do
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Builders & General Contractors
License: HOMESCL868B9
License: HOMESCL868B9
Natural Building
License: HOMESCL868B9

Seattle area
Jason Wheeler
8802 8th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115