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ION Ecobuilding and Energy

We help owners, builders and communities in collaborative ecological building projects, with a mission of reinforcing a sense of place and stewardship.

We offer consultations, design, build AND ENERGY services that can include creative economics through homeowner contracting and participation, as well as educational workshops. We specialize in energy efficient and earth based building, including energy efficiency retrofits, local / natural / least toxic materials, chemical sensitivities, super insulated envelopes, Faswall ICF (Insulated concrete forms), portable & tiny structures, strawbale, straw/clay wall systems, earthen floors, and natural finishes (Traditional Earth and Lime based plaster, stucco and paints).
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Builders & General Contractors
License: IONECE*922MQ
Natural Building
License: IONECE*922MQ

Olympia area
Joseph Becker
PO Box 2063
Olympia, WA 98507
360-402 2249