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JRS Engineering

JRS Engineering (JRS) was established in 1998 to provide building envelope and roof consulting services. Since then we’ve become one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading consulting firms. In addition to Seattle, JRS has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. Our core technical competencies include assessment, investigation, design, rehabilitation, and construction of all aspects of the roof and building envelope.

We consult on a wide variety of projects. From full architectural design to thermal modeling, we offer a diverse skill set to meet your project needs. Our consulting services include:

- Building Envelope Design
- Architectural Design Review
- Construction Administration
- Remediation and Renovation
- Air Tightness Testing
- Litigation Support
- Window Testing
- Investigation and Assessment
- Thermal/Hygrothermal Modeling
- Energy Analysis
- Building Enclosure Commissioning
- Forensics

Seattle area
Jeff Speert, AIA, LEED AP
12721 30th Ave NE, 2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98125
206 728 2358