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LD Arch Design
LD Arch Design is a green architecture firm in Seattle focusing on residential additions and remodels. Sensitively transform your house with thrifty and thoughtful design. Find the beauty in the existing, blend carefully with updates, and enjoy a rejuvenated home with a smaller ecological footprint.

Learn more about the design philosophy of "less is more GREEN" at the blog (link below) -- Use less space, less new stuff, less toxic stuff, less energy and less water.

What does a “less is more GREEN” house look like? It is thrifty and thoughtful, clever and efficient. It gracefully meets the needs of the people within it, and is inspirational in its beauty and sustainability. It embraces imperfection and shows evidence of its history. It seeks to be intentionally simple, flexible, enduring, and lovable.
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Seattle area
Parie Hines
5023 25th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106