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Model Remodel
At Model Remodel we take pride in everything we build: large to small, commercial to residential. Our crew specializes in friendly communication and a thorough, detail-minded process. With over a dozen Built Green certified projects and a newly completed LEED for Homes, Platinum, we are committed to growing our company consciously while helping to develop and refine the industry standards towards sustainability. We look forward to being your smile builders! Contact us anytime for a consultation.

"The MRM Way"
More on the MRM Way and examples of our work:

We use this term constantly with our peers, clients and staff—it’s what we stand for. The MRM Way is another way of stating that we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards. We’re creating a better reputation for contractors and giving our clients the quality, personal experience they deserve.

Entering into an agreement with a contractor should have similar traits to a good relationship or marriage. After all, you’re inviting us into your home. We’re meeting your kids, hanging out with family pets and asking questions about your lifestyle. For a short while we’re a part of your family, and you’re a part of ours. This is how we take care of our family:

- We ask a lot of questions.
- We tell it like it is.
- We talk about the nitty gritty.
- We tidy up.
- We care about future generations.
- We’re there when it counts.
- We want to make you smile.

Seattle area
Jason Legat
1111 W Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98119