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Powers Design Co.

Powers Design Company, owned by Jacqueline Powers, has transitioned from sustainable remodeling to promoting sustainable products, especially those that save energy. Calorique radiant heating, an American company sourcing all parts of the heating systems from the US, fulfills in both categories. Calorique heating is entirely film - no wires, transformers, hydronic tubes and boiler. It's the simplest heating system to install and needs no maintenance for the entire 25 years of it's warranty.

All heating will be electrical in the future, generated in our own neighborhoods. Calorique radiant heating is ready for connection to your solar plant with zero loss of energy in the transmission, saving you energy and diminishing your heating bill. I provide a personal assessment of your home's heating needs at no charge. Pictured is a recent Calorique ceiling heating film installation in Queen Anne, Seattle.

Oregon Shepherd wool building insulation is another company that I represent. For the homeowner who wishes to have the most natural building materials in their home Oregon Shepherd wool in the walls and ceiling is the answer. Oregon Shepherd wool is endorsd by Alex Wilson of

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