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Guild Catalyst:  Healthy Efficient Homes for Everyone

Fundraising campaign

We believe everyone should have a healthy, energy efficient home they can afford to live in.  Eco Builders have real solutions that make this possible, now.

The Guild has designed a new system to amplify our knowledge to reach thousands more people with the solutions they need.  To build and deploy this system, we need your help to grow the Guild.

Homes and buildings have far-reaching effects on our quality of life and environment, including:

  • Nearly 50% of carbon emissions driving climate change
  • Public health impacts of poor indoor air quality and toxic building materials
  • Social inequity from housing costs and development affecting low-income communities
  • Stormwater effects on the health of water and wildlife
  • Depletion of natural resources

After 25 years, Guild Members and our Partners are poised to expand our reach and make a decisive difference on these important issues. With bold moves in recent years, the Guild is driving innovation, advocacy and change in the built environment more than ever before.

NOW is the time to upgrade our capacity, technology and marketing tools to become a true Catalyst for market transformation.  We need your help.

You are the Catalyst

The Goal:  Raise $75k from Catalyst Donors, starting with “Guild Champions” who invest $2,500 – $5,000 each

The Strategy: Leverage “Champion” investments to raise 2-3x more from our community by the end of 2019.

The Outcome: Funds will be used to build the Guild’s staff, systems and marketing capacity to put Healthy Efficient Home resources within easy reach of everyone. In 2-3 years the result will be a surge of demand for, and industry ability to deliver, healthy efficient homes across our region, not just in major markets like Seattle.

To become a donor, visit, Choose from “Champion” large donor, “Perrenial” monthly donor or other.

Contact Chris van Daalen, Executive Director or any Guild Board Member or Ambassador to find out more.  Checks made out to Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, 120 State Ave NE #563, Olympia, WA 98501.

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