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Adapting to Low-Impact Development - Tacoma

In the rainy Northwest, stormwater management regulations inextricably tie the health of our economy to the ecological health of streams, lakes and Puget Sound. Bioretention, sustainability, rain garden, green roof, water quality, surface water, permeable pavement, civic, dialogue, community, environment.

The New World of Stormwater Management

Was a Splashing Success!

It was attended by 125 key stakeholders and leaders in Stormwater Management and restoring Puget Sound.

It was:

Thursday March 5th, 2015 at
University of Washington, Tacoma - Phillip Hall

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See the welcome by Tacoma Councilman Ryan Mello, Keynote by Master Builder Art Castle and all the other presentations:



About the Symposium:

In the rainy Northwest, stormwater management regulations inextricably tie the health of our economy to the ecological health of streams, lakes and Puget Sound. In 2016, new Department of Ecology rules will be adopted by local jurisdictions, directing developers, builders and public works engineers to use low-impact development (LID) practices on most projects to treat and control stormwater runoff on-site. What will be the cost and effectiveness of rain gardens, bioretention, permeable pavement and green roofs? Will LID designs replace traditional stormwater detention requirements? Come join the conversation as we explore the challenges and business opportunities presented by the evolution of development standards toward sustainability.

Welcome by  Ryan Mello, Pierce Conservation District and Tacoma City Council

Art Castle, Executive Director BIAW

With Art Castle, Executive Vice President

Building Industry Association of Washington

And a Panel of Development Community Leaders

(see below for a photo and bio of each presenter)

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Public Sector Panelists: Presenting an Overview of NPDES Phase II Permit Requirements and local code update processes:

Dan Gariepy, Washington Department of Ecology
Merita Trohimovich, PE, City of Tacoma Surface Water
Dawn Anderson, Pierce County LID Coordinator

The Panel of Local Experts:

Gomer Roseman, Habitat for Humanity
Bob Connolly, Skillings Connolly
Dylan Ahearn, Herrera Environmental
Sean Comfort, AHBL
Tom Kantz, Pierce County Watersheds Unit, Puyallup River Watershed Council

BONUS EVENT! Free Tacoma Green Infrastructure Challenge Awards Ceremony at 4:00 – 7:30 pm includes Reception with Light Dinner Fare.  Visit their Website for more info.

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Speaker Bios

Art Castle, Executive Vice President, Building Industry Association of Washington

Art Castle is the Executive Vice President of the Building Industry Association of Washington, and former Executive of the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County for seventeen years from May 1994. There, Art was instrumental in initiating the “Build A Better Kitsap” program (now named Built Green®), a market-based environmentally friendly building program in 1997. In 2007, the Kitsap HBA completed a major retrofit of their office site as a Low Impact Development Showcase project and helped develop some of the earliest LID standards in the state for Kitsap County and its 4 cities as another market-based environmental solution. Building on that work, he managed a contract with the Department of Ecology to train members throughout the state on low impact development, the new NPDES permit requirements, and how members could get involved in comprehensive plan updates. He is a graduate of Florida International University and can be reached at

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Without the partnership of our Symposium Co-sponsors, this dynamic community conversation would not be possible!

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