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Congratulations to the project teams that have been selected to present in this years 2016 Green Building Slam on November 4!
Congratulations to the project teams that have been selected to present in this years 2016 Green Building Slam on November 4!

Holly Batt and Jason Lear - Batt + Lear
Well crafted residential remodel following the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home Program.   Not only does this program require stringent energy performace criteria, but also incorporates aggresive water savings, and indoor environmental quality criteria.

Tiffany Bowie and Joe Malboeuf - Malboeuf Bowie Architecture
What does it take to achieve a Passive House certified home when you have never attempted it before?  Learn about some of the trials and tribulations that this team experienced in achieving PHIUS certification.

Gerald Blycker - Home owner
How can a physics and environmental science teacher build his own Passive House?  By working the numbers obviously, as well as lots of thought and sweat!

Sean Conta  - TC Legends
and Ted Clifton - Evergreen Certified
Net Positive as speculative development for two new homes?  Of course, when you know what you are doing.

Brett Marlo DeSantis & Erik Brotman -  Brett Marlo Designs
Come see how these folks created a moveable sustainable home.  A truly moving experience.

George Ostrow - Velocipede
and Gary Aamodt - home owner
Can you build a passive house yourself from Youtube videos?  Maybe, if you are as committed and persistent as these folks were.  Besides the view is amazing.

Ann Raab - GreenPod
Nestled in the midst of a hundred trees, this small but spacious sustainable house is a testament to understanding first principles and sticking to them, for the life of the owners.

Sage Saskill - Sage Designs NW
and Mike Vacirca - Lasting Nest
How do you maintain historical context in our quickly changing city while creating a home that meets the needs of our future generations.  See how a mindful approach to tried and true best practices can achieve this goal.

Amy Tovel - Ichijo USA
Building new sustainable communities is essential in our energy and water challenged world.  Come and see how this builder has managed to do just that. It's not called Sun Ridge for nothing!

Dan Welch -  [bundle] design studio
Truly a community effort involving many organizations, craftsmen and products, working together to achieve a new archetype for single family homes.  This simple but elegant net zero water and net zero energy home for a family of 4 has some features you may not have seen before.



2 Alternates:

Florian Becquereau -  Earthship Seattle

Can you create a truly livable space by building with zero funds?  See how a group of committed individuals comes together to utilize recycled and natural materials to create a passive and water catchment demonstration project.

Jason Legat - Model Remodel

and Sheri Newbold -  live-work-play

Creating alternative living arrangements is an important strategy in preserving neighborhoods while increasing density. Doing it green means we are taking care of the earth at the same time.  This DADU does both.
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