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You are here: Home Seattle Green Building Slam VOLUNTEER!


The planning committee is is eager to welcome additional volunteers for the following positions: sponsorship, volunteer coordinator, green building submissions, marketing, raffle and administrative support/organization. Volunteers receive acknowledgement, gratitude and have a great deal of fun along the way bringing this event together with like-minded and warm-hearted individuals.

Volunteer for the 2016 Green Building Slam planning committee!

The planning committee is off to a strong start with several dedicated and returning volunteers and headed this year by Laura Elfline.

Hello! Interested Green Building Slam Volunteers!!!

Volunteer Update August 8, 2016

With 3 months out and ticking we’ve got some critical-path tasks to dole out and thought I’d touch base with you all. [Leads, let us know if I missed anything!]

  • make calls and contacts with potential presenters - encouraging them to submit and tracking that they do/getting answers to their questions, etc.
    • this is a great way to get connected to movers and shakers of the residential green building.
    • now through Sept 12
  • write and post social media and newsletter items
    • we have a good spreadsheet from last year’s postings that could be modified to be re-purposed
    • this task can largely be done by sitting down for a few hours to write and schedule the heck out of the event. or be on from now until Nov 4
  • work with the videographer and photographer
    • pull details and costs associated with simulcasting the event
    • work with them after the event to help produce a more refined product (than I have had time to do with them)
    • get finished photos and videos posted in appropriate places
    • now and then for a few weeks around the event
  • day of volunteer coordinator
    • work with social networks and those of other volunteers to recruit day of volunteers
    • use signup genius account to track and allow for folks to self-regulate.
    • Sept 1 through Nov 4
  • process and track alcohol permit application
    • fill out
    • obtain appropriate UW and Guild signatures
    • obtain check from Guild treasurer
    • track State processing
    • now (or soon) for about 1 month

If none of these tasks float your boat, there will be more opportunities… but these are critical needs now. Thanks for your consideration!

The committee is eager to welcome volunteers for the following positions:

Sponsorship - do you enjoy chatting with friends and soon-to-be friends? Connecting sustainable business owners with opportunities to showcase their brand and get recognition from the community? Do you have a network of contacts in the green building community (or does the idea of developing one sound like fun to you)? Join the sponsorship committee! As a volunteer, you'll help contact individuals in need of marketing and branding opportunities and make them aware of this popular and well-received annual event. You'll get clear guidance and help in the process from veteran sponsorship committee member Doug Kennedy.

Volunteer Coordinator - if you thrive on tracking multiple details, possess the ability to make think-on-your-feet decisions and love working with people, your skills are needed now on the planning committee and on the day of the event to help everything run smoothly.

Marketing - if you write copy, or write tweets and Facebook posts, or manage social media or have graphic design skills and the necessary software to use them, we would sure love to see you on the marketing committee. Project descriptions are clear and can be tailored to your area of expertise and interest.

Administrative Support/Organization - you know who you are! Committees run best aided by a superhero who is adept at taking notes that keep the group moving in the right direction, helps clarify committee tasks, and contributes other organizational abilities.

Volunteers receive acknowledgement, gratitude and have a great deal of fun along the way bringing this event together with like-minded and warm-hearted individuals.

Contact Laura Elfline at eventchair@greenbuildingslam.org for more info.

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