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2015 Presentations

EcoBuilding 2015: The Great Green Eco-Confabulation

Net Zero Energy Building Certification
Brad Liljequiest, Living Building Challenge Net Zero Energy Program

The Front Lines of Indoor Air Quality
Dan Ventura, Hawk Environmental Services Inc.

Building Green With Heart: Adding the Soul Back Into Green Building Technology
Gisela Stehr, Emerald Feng Shui Institute

Carbon Dioxide Refrigerant Heat Pumps
Ken Eklund, Washington State University Energy Program

Waste Not: How to Be a Small-Scale Developer in the Big City

Leah Martin and Katie Cote, Allied8

Case Study: Full Plane Passive House

Michelle Jeresek, Ivon Street Studio

Cross-Laminated-Timber Investigations
Susan Jones (atelierjones llc) and Sloan Ritchie (Cascade Built)

Designing the Positive NRG Home
Ted L. Clifton, Zero-Energy Home Plans

Financing Green Building
Tim Corrigan and Scott Wooley, Umpqua Bank


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