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2016 Presentations

Northwest Green 2016

Keynote: Sharing Ownership of the Future...And Managing the Big Transitions to Come
John Abrams, South Mountain Company

How Will We Live Tomorrow?
Paul E Fallon, The Awkward Pose

Cork on the Bay: Deep Energy Retrofit
Albert Rooks, Small Planet Supply

Bioenergy Demonstration Project
Michael J. Smith Jr., Impact Bioenergy

Biofuels from Algae
Scott J. Edmundson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

View Haus 5 and SolHaus: Sustainable Urban Infill Townhouse Projects
Bradley Khouri, b9 Architects and Sloan Ritchie, Cascade Built

Birch Case Study House: Net Zero Water
Dan Welch, [bundle] design studio

Pushing the Envelope with Code Innovations
Chris Van Daalen, Code Innovations Database

Transforming Building Regulatory Systems to Address Climate Change and Systemic Risk
David Eisenberg, Development Center for Appropriate Technology

Floating Home Case Study
Michelle Lanker, Lanker Design LLC

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing: a case study in sustainable living
Mike Mariano, Schemata Workshop

Central Hot Water Recirculation Pilot Study
Shawn Oram, Ecotope

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