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Call for Volunteers

WIC 4.0 Low Flow Bath Faucet

The TFC’s are an open source technical library.  There are a lot ways to be involved and help this project grow.  Check out our call for volunteers below:

Volunteers needed

Technical Reviewers:

People who can review the information on the TFC's and certify that it is the best practice for the techniques outlined.  Find out more and see the list of TFC's that need reviewing.

Copy Reviewers:

People who can review the grammar & wording on the TFC's ensuring that spelling and grammar are correct.  Also ensuring all images are copyright free. Get involved!

Web administrator:

This person will help upload images, TFC's, manage updates to the  and maintain the library online,  checking & fixing broken or missing links. Get involved!

Web developer(s):

Helping to develop this open source library into a full working model,  some of the task will include: improving ease of use, user experience, and mobile access. Get involved!



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