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Welcome to the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild's Technical Flash Cards Project. We believe that green building is the future, in fact low energy, healthy, renewable powered buildings are the only sensible path to the future. To make this happen, we need to work out the nuts and bolts, and job training, training, and more training is needed. To this end, we are building an open source, easy-to-use, interactive library of Technical Flash Cards for building professionals.

As a Guild member and expert, YOU CAN BUILD TFCs with your company logo to share some specific skills and demonstrate your expertise. The TFC coordinator will assist you. You can bring in a trainer for your company and work with them on TFCs.

TFCs are open source and free to the public. NWEBG experts may seek commercial sponsors for groups of TFC's, but Sponsors may not dictate commercial content  and are limited to 5-10 TFCs.

These TFCs will be organized into seven main categories, with subcategories for various stages of the construction process. The TFCs themselves will detail a very specific technique or process of construction, with necessary modifications for project type - retrofit, remodel or new construction. TFCs can have resources, CAD files, and videos linked, and over time will develop more pages with additional photos  resources, and a comment field.  All TFCs are peer reviewed by regional leaders in each field before publication.

TFCs can be used online or printed. They work on smart phones and tablets to provide instant job site knowledge for designers, supervisors and installers alike. Most TFCs are accessible in 3 clicks.

We encourage industry practitioners to join the NWEBG and help us in reviewing and building this  library. We  welcome feedback on the practical application of specific cards as they evolve. Please email us with your ideas and interest.


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