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W IC 1 1/2 Gal/min Lav Faucet Aerator

Concept – Lavatories are used thousands of times per year.  0.5 or 1.0 gal/min Low flow aerators give equal  or better satisfaction  with 50%-70% less water.  The spray pattern wets hands more effectively.


Attention - Purchasing; Finish Plumber

Schedule - Pre Insulation

Action - Order lowest flow aerator available for faucet selected. May require special order or replace with stock aerator at final . Use WaterSense  certified products •Confirm with Plumber •Bag  test at final  check for leaks

Match Color -  Aerators available in bronze, brushed nickel, etc

Remove and clean aerators after disturbing any old pipes and flush system  thoroughly  at Final




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