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NWEBG is sporting a new look!

Welcome to the next generation of our website! As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are constantly working to build a web presence that provides a wealth of resources for you. Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or you’re new to ecobuilding, we have something for you!

Please take a moment or two to explore the site, and come back often, as we are creating and posting new content regularly. You can explore upcoming events on our calendar, or learn more about how to build smarter and greener at our Building Innovations Database.

Of course, we couldn’t do this without your help, so please consider making a contribution, becoming a member, or upgrading your membership! Your support allows us to reach more people, and have a lasting impact on our built environment.

Upcoming Events

NWEBG Winter Party & Annual Review

This Winter Celebration is co-hosted by Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and…

Education Session: Biomimicry & Biophilia

Education Session – Breathable Walls & Rainscreens

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