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We can rethink our built environment to flourish for the next 200 years.

Let's start today.
How can you build greener? Classes & Workshops Let's get started! Green Building 101 What is it?
What are the principles?
What does it mean for the future?

2020 Slam & Summit


2020 Northwest Green Building Slam & Summit

This year’s event will be spread across 6 days (0ctober 13-15 & 20-22) featuring a mix of Slam-style inspiration and Summit-style in-depth learning, with networking opportunities throughout. All sessions will then be available to view (or re-view) at your convenience. Visit today!

2020 Northwest Green Home Tour

Missed the Tour? It’s not too late to participate!
The Tour is Over, but you can still see all of the Sites! *
*Some sites are not yet available to view.

Getting Down & Dirty with Carbon – From the Ground Up
Understanding Soils and Building Your Carbon Footprint Better

Our round table panel will take us on a tour int the dirt we move, disturb, and build upon as we seek a more sustainable future. We will learn some of the basic ecosystem services soil can provide, how important soil chemistry and soil ecology can be to our overall worries about the atmospheric carbon balance. REGISTER HERE


Upcoming Events

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