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The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s work would not be possible without the generous support of these organizations!

We’d like to send a huge, heartfelt “Thank You” out to these organizations and businesses. Their support has strengthened the Pacific Northwest’s green building community, and made many of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s programs possible.

Waste reduction is a key component of sustainability, and Thurston County’s Solid Waste Program works to conserve environmental resources through education and outreach, technical assistance, diversion programs, and advocacy. As a major contributor to the Guild’s website redevelopment, we are in the process of building out a comprehensive Green Building section dedicated to Job Site Recycling.

2023 Silver Corporate Sponsor

The King County GreenTools Program helps builders, residents, businesses and governments create and sustain green buildings, and sustainability policies and programs. The GreenTools Team provides technical assistance, grants, hands-on training, and information necessary to find locally-produced, high quality sustainable building materials and resources. Check out Eco-Cool Remodel Tool and EcoCribz (an online remodeling series).

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