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Embodied Carbon Calculation Tools

Virtual WA

Join us on February 23 at 6:30pm for an online technical training on using the embodied carbon accounting tools: BEAM and EC3. Hear from industry experts and learn practical skills while using these essential tools in calculating embodied carbon.

How to Sell and Build with Low Carbon Materials

Virtual WA

March 2022 Education Session: How to Sell and Build with Low Carbon Materials. Learn how to build and most importantly market sustainable building materials with low embodied carbon.

The Dangers of Cooking with Gas – FREE WEBINAR

Virtual WA

We have a great group of panelists lined up with Stanford scientists Dr. Eric Lebel and Rob Jackson discussing their important new research on gas stoves, emissions, leakage and health impacts. We'll also hear from Dr. Melanie Plaut and Dr. Ann Turner for a summary of the health effects from gas burning stoves. And we will end with a look at induction cooking and how it can improve the cooking experience while simultaneously cutting down dangerous indoor air pollution and CO2 emissions.

2018 Washington State Energy Code Q&A Webinar

Virtual WA

April Education Session: 2018 Washington State Energy Code Q&A Webinar Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 6:30PM – 9:00PM Have questions regarding the 2018 Washington State Energy Code? Join the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild to get them answered by field experts and analysts during this educational event. Register Here

2022 Northwest Green Home Tour

Mark your calendars for this FREE hybrid tour, a mix of virtual and live sites on Saturday 14, 2022.

Optimizing Green Home Design: Reducing Costs While Increasing Homeowner Value

In this full day, interactive, workshop with Sam Rashkin, Founder of Retooling the US Housing Industry, attendees will be presented with design and optimization strategies that yield $10,000’s of cost savings, improving the homeowner’s day-to-day experience and increasing the home’s value. Using a hands-on-approach attendees will start applying the framework before the end of day.

Building Optimization through Offsite Production

Virtual WA

Offsite construction, or “prefabrication,” is the practice of producing various parts of a building before assembling them on the building’s actual site. Learn how offsite production is saving builders time and money, while also having a positive impact on the planet.

Addressing Wildfire Smoke Preparedness Through Indoor Air Quality

Virtual WA

Wildfire season, and the smoke it brings, is upon us in the Pacific Northwest. Fueled by drought and climate change, these threats to the health and safety of our homes are arriving earlier each year. Fortunately, there are simple steps homeowners and builders can take to mitigate the impacts of wildfire smoke on indoor air quality of homes.

July Education Event: Tiny Homes for Addressing Homelessness

5 South Nevada Street Seattle, WA 98134 5 South Nevada, Seattle, WA

Join the NW EcoBuilding Guild in partnership with Sound Foundations NW of a presentation and tour of The Hope Factory.
Every person experiencing homelessness deserves a place to live that is warm, dry, safe, and healthy. This goal, spearheaded Sound Foundations NW in building tiny homes through an assembly line process. As a result of collaboration with the Low Income Housing Institute, Sound Foundations NW is helping provide people experiencing homelessness with transitional tiny homes, a sense of community, and essential services.

NW EcoBuilding Guild Annual Picnic

Ravenna Park, Seattle

Join the NW EcoBuilding Guild for our Annual Picnic taking place at Ravenna Park. This is a great opportunity to network and connect with NW EcoBuilding Guild members, builders, architects, and developers in our region.

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