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Garden Kitchen Addition

Mighty House Construction & Ld arch design
Sometimes a small targeted addition can make a world of difference. In this case the just-right-sized addition enlarged and updated an older cramped kitchen and created a gracious connection to the back garden for a family that loves cooking and hosting garden parties.
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Farwell House

PRDG Architecture & Design
This 3,800sf residence is situated on a west facing hillside of West Seattle capturing the awe inspiring water and mountain views. The house is efficiently well-designed and sustainable while balancing function with innovation such as: high tech energy efficient building envelope.
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Willowcrest Affordable Townhomes

Homestead Community Land Trust & King County Green Tools
Willowcrest is a sustainable and affordable neighborhood of for-sale townhomes developed by Homestead Community Land Trust, which makes homeownership possible for income-qualified households.
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Facing Homelessness

The BLOCK Project & Mighty House Construction
We build fully equipped, healthy homes for the unhoused. BLOCK Homes are permitted and placed in homeowners' backyards throughout Seattle. This model gives residents a place to call home and our communities around the city an opportunity to make a real difference.
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Harka HQ

Harka Architecture
A deep high performance low carbon non toxic renovation of a 1940 Art Deco office building. Area is 577sf.
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BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community

'Equity through Sustainable Home and Business Ownership' Mission of the organization: Wealth Creation: Building Equity through Sustainable Business and Home Ownership models, Co-leadership model: We are all equal, there is not an executive director, Progressive Hiring models: All staff are consultants, receiving a livable wage, Creative Community Development: Access, Opportunities & Exposure for artists of color, Sustainable: Long term solutions to urgent short term challenges.What? In/and/or around Seattle, we plan to build 25 tiny eco-village/houses that are permanently placed on foundations, sustainable, energy efficient and a place that artists of color can live affordably in community with their peers and or family.
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E4 162TEN Eco Flats

16210 NE 80th St. Redmond WA 98052 OPEN SATURDAY MAY 4TH 11 AM - 5 PM Site Description FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Design Innovation, Electric Vehicle Charging, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Conservation, Small Footprint, Water Conservation CERTIFICATIONS: LEED Platinum 162TEN…

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S4 West Seattle Denizen Residence

S4 West Seattle Denizen Residence 7515 39th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA ​ OPEN SATURDAY MAY 4TH  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Site Description FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Electric Vehicle Charging, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Conservation, Solar Power CERTIFICATION: Built Green, Energy Star  This…

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C3 Madrona 12 Townhomes

C3 Madrona 12 Townhomes  1121 34th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122 OPEN SATURDAY MAY 4TH 11 AM - 5 PM Site Description FEATURES: Electric Vehicle Charging, Green Roof, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Conservation, Water Conservation CERTIFICATIONS: Built Green, Energy Star 

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