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Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Northwest EcoBuilding Guild

Job Posted: Nov 08, 2017


Northwest EcoBuilding Guild

Seattle, WA None


Phone: 360-789-9669

Job Description

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild (“the Guild”) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to lead a sponsorship marketing and sales program over a 15-month period, in coordination with program / event leaders and the Executive Director. The Guild produces multiple successful events and programs throughout the year that generate sponsor revenue, that were historically organized by different committees or individuals. In 2016, the Guild Seattle Chapter instituted a unified sponsorship program to eliminate duplication of outreach when soliciting sponsors for programs/events. We are now seeking a contractor or part-time employee to further improve and expand sponsorship coordination and solicitation as a unified a regional program.


The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of builders, designers, suppliers, homeowners, and partners concerned with ecological building in the Pacific Northwest. The Guild empowers people through education to transform the built environment for long term sustainability. The Guild was founded in 1993 by a small group of professionals already incorporating green building ideas into their practices. They formed the Guild to network, learn and exchange ideas related to their areas of expertise.  To read the Guild's full mission statement, visit

The Guild currently has three active chapters serving the diverse bioregions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. The regional organization is governed by a Board of Directors. The Guild’s programs and events are coordinated by our Executive Director, working with Program chairs, volunteers and contracted staff coordinators, and supported by an administrative contractor.


Dates are subject to change and should be used for planning purposes only.

RFP announced:

November 8, 2017

RFP Questions due in writing:

Nov. 13, 2017

Response to questions posted by:

Nov. 15, 2017

Proposals due by:

November 22, 2017, 5:00 pm PST


November 27 – December 6, 2017

Final selection:

December 8, 2017

Project Begins

December 13, 2017

Project Ends

March 5, 2019

RFP Point of Contact:  Chris van Daalen, Executive Director,, (360) 789-9669;

Communications shall be through the RFP Point of Contact, and also include Laura Elfline,, 206-715-0893.  Please send to both email addresses.

Questions about the RFP should be submitted via email to the RFP Point of Contact, via phone, email or in-person by Nov. 13. Responses will be communicated directly to the proposer, and then all the questions and responses will be posted on our website by November 15. Q&A has now been posted.  See the end of this Document to read the questions and answers from prospective submitters, or click here.

Proposals must be received no later than November 22, 2017, 5:00 pm PST. All proposals must be submitted electronically as a single pdf, sent via email to the RFP Point of Contact with “NWEBG Sponsorship Coordinator” in the subject.  Alternatively, candidates may submit their proposal/application through the job post at


Proposals shall be submitted on 8 ½” x 11” document size, and shall not exceed 15 pages, including cover letter and any appendices. If the submitter is not a business licensed in Washington state, then a coverletter, narrative response and resume may be substituted for a contract bid.  Alternatively, candidates may submit their proposal/application through the job post at All submissions must include the following:

A. Clarity of Proposal

Proposals should be clear and easy to read; and provide straightforward and concise information.

B.  Cover Letter

The cover letter should include the key highlights and distinguishing points of the proposal, should be signed by the submitter, and should include the submitter’s full name and full contact info.

C. Proposing Individual (or Team) Profile

Please list team members; include brief biographies for principal participants; describe each person’s role or level of participation; and identify each person’s qualifications. See Exhibit A for desired qualifications.

D. Background and Experience

  • Describe your familiarity with the Guild’s events and programs (if any).
  • Demonstrate your experience with sponsorship programs and sponsorship solicitation. Provide up to three examples that illustrate or showcase your ability and previous experience with sponsorships.
  • Describe your skills and experience in developing marketing materials, graphic design, and website development/editing.


E. Approach and Scope of Work

Based on the program overview and details described in Exhibit C below, describe your approach to a sponsorship development program and your understanding of what’s involved with creating, developing and implementing such a program. Be advised that the Guild is adamant about potential sponsors aligning with our organization’s mission. Provide a description of steps you would take, noting any benchmarks and milestones. Exhibit B includes a detailed anticipated scope of work for your reference.

In your approach, please consider how Guild programs and events can be marketed as a unified package, including the following:

  1. Guild Education Meetings (Seattle, Portland and Tacoma/Olympia)
  2. Green Building Slam+Summit (Seattle, Tacoma/Olympia & Portland planned for 2018)
  3. NW Green Home Tour (planning for Seattle tour is now; South Sound also possible for 2018)
  4. Code Innovations Database (Website sponsors and Underwriting offered)
  5. Green Pages Directory and Code Innovations eBook (online/printed pubs tentatively planned for 2018)

Please see Exhibit C for more details – it provides an outlook on the Guild’s current and future Program/Event Sponsorship opportunities.

F. Values Statement

Please provide a few sentences of how your approach will take into consideration the mission and vision of the Guild. See

G. References

Please provide names and contact information for at least 2 clients or employers for whom you have worked in a similar vein.

H. Appendix

The Appendix may include any supporting information, such as resumes, references, or other data that will support your firm as the best candidate for the project.


A selection committee from our Board will evaluate each submission based on the Criteria above. Up to five of the top-scoring submitters will be invited to make a brief in-person presentation and be interviewed by the selection committee. Criteria for interviews will be provided upon invitation. Proposal ranking and interviews will be the central valuation in determining successful applicants and final selection. The Guild anticipates making a decision by the selection date listed in the Timeline.

Within 5 days of contract signing, the successful candidate will need to provide necessary documentation to either a) affirm his/her legal right to do business in the State of Washington, including business license, completed W-9 or SS-4 form, proof of professional liability insurance and other evidence that contractor will meet the test as being an independent contractor; or b) complete all necessary employment paperwork including a complete form W-4 and copy of 2 pieces of identification.


The Guild reserves all rights regarding this RFP, including, without limitation, the right to:

  • Modify the RFP at any time prior to the submission due date by issuance of a written addendum posted under the job posting on the Guild’s website (;
  • Cancel, delay, or suspend this solicitation if in the best interest of the Guild community;
  • Reject any or all proposals, in whole or in part, if in the best interest of the Guild community.
  • Require any clarification needed in order to understand the submitter’s approach.
  • Require the successful submitter complete a questionnaire and submit documentation to assist the Guild in determining if the individual is an independent contractor or employee.

The submitter shall be responsible for any and all costs and/or expenses associated with preparing the proposal.

Any material submitted by a submitter will become the property of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.



The ideal candidate would have the following skills and capabilities:

  • Passion for the work.
  • Live within the Greater Puget Sound region, with the ability to attend daily meetings in and around Seattle; and travel to other locations within 250 miles at least once per month.
  • Extensive experience and/or connections within the green building community in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Experience with CRM, cloud based type software; familiarity with Memberclicks would be ideal.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • Strong prospecting skills in order to identify key targets.
  • Ability to create sponsorship packages with strong awareness of value offered, including branding and graphic design
  • Advanced persuasive skills.
  • Strong organizational skills to track progress and manage time.
  • Strategic planning experience.
  • Strong communication skills with small and large groups.
  • Experience in nonprofit organization is a plus.
  • Must be able to work both independently and within a team environment.
  • Demonstrated experience or ability in sponsorship development and implementation.




Planning, Oversight and Reporting

  • Consult with ED and EC on 2018 sponsorship program plan and timeline with realistic goals and milestones over a 15-month period including all sponsored programs and events
  • Respond to and fulfill all required oversight processes, reporting to the Executive Director
  • Document all procedures used in the sponsorship process over the course of the contract. At the end of the contract, deliver a) complete project file with all documentation including spreadsheets, correspondence, etc. and b) prepare and publish with Guild approval a “Guide to Successful Sponsorship Recruitment and Fulfillment” describing the program’s process and procedures for the Guild



  • Market and sell the Guild’s unified annual sponsorship program; revise existing or develop additional collateral sales materials covering all events and programs, and their associated benefits, to be delivered in printed, electronic, and interactive online formats.
  • Communicate the benefits and opportunities for Guild members as well as non-member sponsors via personal and mass communications, social media, etc.
  • Make connections with potential new sponsors via email and in-person meetings/events, and follow up on any leads from email / phone referrals and events
  • Maintain and nurture relationships with current sponsors, with support from the Sponsorship Team
  • Attend and Participate in sponsor-involved events and programs, to develop, monitor, support and manage sponsor activities
  • Coordinate between Sponsors and Sponsorship Team to implement media placements of logos, ads, copy, social posts, physical signage and displays.


Program Management

  • Convene and provide staff support to Sponsorships Team (Tm). Team is made up of all program chair volunteers (PV), and contractors (PS), ED, 1-2 Board members, and at-large representative(s) involved with promoting sponsorships.
  • Track and coordinate all Sponsor Communications for all program/events through the Team (@in-person meetings and via monthly or more often email reports, and phone as needed), to prevent duplication or crossed-wires; and to ensure fulfillment of benefits.
  • Maintain Sponsorship Database, track campaigns, contact communications and results (incl. all commitments and payments received) using integrated Memberclicks CRM solution. Includes tracking fulfillment of sponsor benefits.
  • Maintain and submit a record of all expenses and related procurement & contracts
  • Invoice and collect payments from sponsors; and deliver check and credit card payments not received online to the Guild’s Administrative Contractor on a weekly basis




Program Overview:

The NW EcoBuilding Guild’s sponsorship program currently consists of five major elements, including events, signature programs and publications (see Program Elements and Details below).  Although previously many Guild program/event sponsorships were produced and sold individually by the respective program/event leads, all of the sponsorship opportunities within the Guild have recently been consolidated into a unified regional program, offering high-value exposures to the Seattle market, and increasingly up and down the Emerald Corridor from Portland to Spokane to Bellingham.

We are at the mid-point in this transition, which is marked by hiring of a Sponsorship Coordinator, who will be supported by the Guild’s Executive Director.  At the same time we are shifting to a new technology platform and implementing a regional sponsorships program. Both of these moves will make the program more efficient and scalable.  Meanwhile, the value of Guild membership and association through sponsorship is rapidly growing, due to expansion of existing events and programs, enhanced online presence, and emerging regional leadership in policy advocacy.

The Sponsorship Coordinator’s role has been redefined to reflect the new reality just described, organized so that everyone can clearly understand the Coordinator’s role in relation to all the other key participants in developing, implementing, managing and overseeing the Sponsorship Program.  The following summary covers the roles and responsibilities of all the parties in relation to the Board, the Guild’s ultimate decision-maker.  The participating parties include:

  • Board of Directors (BD):  The Guild has 12 Board Members and meets at least quarterly
  • Executive Committee (EC):  Comprised of Board officers, the Executive Committee speaks for the Board and prepares and makes decisions between Board meetings
  • Guild Treasurer (GT):  Our Board Treasurer manages AR/AP and financial oversight
  • Executive Director (ED):  Currently Chris van Daalen, supports contractors and/or supervises employees.  ED reports to the Board.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator (SC):  Either a) independent Contractor who reports directly to the Board or B) Employee who reports to the Executive Director.
  • Program Chair or other Volunteer (PV):  Chair of the respective Guild program or event, and/or other key people providing volunteer leadership
  • Program Staff/Contractor (PS):  Paid staff or contractor for a specific Guild program or event
  • Team Members (TM):  The Sponsorship Team as a whole, is made up of people in the preceding roles
  • OrgSupport (OS):  The Guild’s administrative contractor, providing office support, technology and data management


The Roles and Responsibilities of these parties is summarized as follows:

The Board (BD) is the ultimate authority regarding program goals, budget, hiring/firing, and oversight.  They are represented on a day-to-day basis by the Executive Committee, who works directly with the Executive Director to develop, manage and support the program.  The Sponsorship Coordinator (SC) is either a) an independent contractor who reports to the Board (BD) via written reports delivered to the EC; or b) an employee who reports to the Executive Director, depending on legal status of successful candidate.  The ED will review and edit/augment these reports as needed before they are sent to the EC.  Sponsorship marketing and sales is the SC primary responsibility; but another critical responsiblility of the SC is to convene and coordinate all the participating parties as members of the Sponsorship Team (TM), to ensure the quality and professionalism of the combined unified program.  The Team in turn offers input and consultation to SC in planning timeline, targets, and milestones for the program; while giving time and energy to ensure success of the program. The Sponsorship Team consists of:

  1. The Sponsorship Coordinator
  2. The Executive Director
  3. 1 or more Board Members
  4. One program Chair (PC) and/or One paid Staff/contractor (PS) from each Program/Event
  5. One or more at-large representative(s) involved with promoting sponsorships


The Sponsorship Team will meet at least monthly by video/phone conference call, except in months that it meets in-person, which will occur 3-4 times per year. The Sponsorship Team (and all the individuals on it) pledge to help the SC and ED implement the program, by:

  • Tracking and reporting all communications with sponsors, and staying informed and responsive to other TM members’ sponsorship communication to prevent duplication, internal competition and crossed-wires
  • Nurture relationships, help fulfill expectations, and help secure commitments from current sponsors
  • Make connections with potential new sponsors and introduce them to SC via email and in-person meetings/events


Once approved by the EC or Board, the aforementioned timeline, targets and milestones will form the basis of SC contract deliverables, compensation and performance evaluation. The EC will develop, and with support from the ED and timely responsiveness of the SC, implement effective oversight processes related to financial practices, risk management, evaluation of coordinator performance of deliverables, and sponsor fulfillment.

The ED works closely with the SC to develop program materials, messages and strategies; while providing support for effective program management, and tracking communications, fulfilment and progress toward financial goals.  The SC must maintain the Sponsorship database, and diligently implement tracking, communications, commitments/receipts, and fulfillment.  For any procurement or contracting with vendors of goods / services needed to implement the program (e.g. graphic designer, printing, etc) the SC and/or ED will go through the EC (via Guild Treasurer Cindy Patterson (GT)) and OrgSupport (OS), and submit all necessary information to the EC to accurately track and manage the SC’s and overall program expenses. The SC must follow all protocols and coordinate with GT on all invoicing, receipts and collection of sponsor payments, and deliver weekly deposits w/deposit summary to OS.

Before the contract / employment period begins, and immediately thereafter, several key things must occur quickly to ensure the success of the 2018 sponsorship program:

  1. Prior to hiring the SC, the ED will update the annual sponsorship program, regionalize and further unify our offered sponsorship opportunities, and build the forms w/draft pricing structure into the Memberclicks Sponsorship portal, as needed to market sponsorships and take orders.  This will include development of initial messaging for the program overall and each of the individual program/event elements offering sponsorship opportunities.
  2. The ED will also update the infographic sponsorship package as a printed, electronic, and/or interactive online document, including all events and program sponsorship collateral
  3. A general announcement about the annual sponsor program (details forthcoming) will be sent out in mid-November, 2017.
  4. Also prior to commencement of the SC contract, the Sponsorship Team and ED will meet to discuss overall program goals, estimated revenue goals for each program/event; and to create a framework for SC revisions and addition of timeline and milestones, which the SC will be responsible to implement.
  5. OS will need to sync the master list of all local and regional sponsors (past and current), including in-kind sponsorships, and amounts into the integrated Memberclicks CRM solution.
  6. Once work begins, the SC will need to quickly review the annual sponsorship program (updated by ED) prior to launch approximately 1 week after contract begins (est. Dec. 12, 2017).
  7. The SC will also need to immediately get up to speed on how to use the Memberclicks CRM and Sponsorship portal.
  8. The SC’s initial push (Dec. 12-18) will focus on getting 2016-2017 sponsors informed and/or renewed for a 2018 annual sponsor package; this can be accelerated and expedited to the extent that the ST and ED can engage direct customer contacts in Nov. & Dec.  This will continue after the new year, with the SC and ST working collaboratively to renew past sponsors.
  9. In January 2018 the focus of the SC’s work will expand to include marketing and sales to potential new sponsors, and prioritize this new business over returning business.

10.  ST and ED will continue to prioritize returning business, but the SC will still have responsibility to service these returning customers.

11.  By January 1, the ST and SC will meet to consult and finalize program goals, timeline and milestones


The five primary programs include:

  • Guild Education Meetings (Seattle, Tacoma/Olympia and Portland)
    • These monthly gatherings allow Guild members to learn from experts on a diverse array of topics related to green building. Given the preset themes, the events tend to have a uniquely defined audience of approximately 75-100 people.
  • Green Building Slam+Summit (Seattle, Tacoma/Olympia & Portland planned for 2018)
    • The Green Building Slam is the Seattle Chapter’s signature hosted evening event now in its 14th year Fall 2017. Ten Guild members are share their green building project success stories. A catered light meal is provided, along with a hosted bar and dessert.  The slam is produced by a paid consultant with the support of a volunteer committee.
    • The Summit is the Guild’s annual conference event - so far held only in Seattle – although earlier in our history it was known as the Member Retreat and held at a church camp facility in Port Orchard for many years.  Now it is organized by a volunteer committee with the support of a paid consultant, with opportunity to sponsor the whole event, display tables, presentation room sponsors, and the happy hour reception.
  • NW Green Home Tour (Seattle beginning immediately; South Sound also possible for 2018)
    • is a 2-day event in the Spring. It is open to the public, free of charge, and features dozens of homes and businesses providing information and education about green building strategies, products, and techniques – our largest single engagement with the public each year. The Tour is going into its 6th year and is produced by a paid consultant with the support of volunteers.  It includes both site and tour sponsors including shared media exposure.
  • Code Innovations Database (Website sponsors and Underwriting offered)
    • The Guild pioneered this platform for policy-related education and advocacy in 2014, now it is expanding to become a go-to resource for innovative permitting and policy solutions nationwide. We have a new website coming in 2018, with new sponsorship opportunities to underwrite online content and a new eBook publication (see below).
    • The Guild now has an active Advocacy Committee to promote codes, policies and incentives featured in the Code Innovations Database, with opportunities.  Having a voice in policy is a additional benefit available to all Guild members and sponsors.
  • Publications:  Green Pages Directory and Code Innovations eBook (online/printed pubs tentatively planned for 2018)
    • The Green Pages is a regularly published directory of our members in the Greater Seattle Area, and includes advertisements from our members and allies, resources for the chapter, published in conjunction with Seattle Natural Awakenings Magazine and is distributed with the magazine for one month in hundreds of locations across Seattle and King County, and also at Guild Events
    • This year we want to add a Code Innovations eBook, fashioned after the Passive House eBook that was so successful, though we have never published anything like this before.  The Executive Director is heading up the effort to create and market sponsorship opportunities around this project.
    • Ultimately, these two publications could by synced up on an alternating frequency, Green Pages made into a regional publication (with online and regional directories serving all Chapters with a significant membership); frequency TBD.
    • In the near future, the Guild is planning to create an Online Video Library, with specific sponsorship opportunities TBD.



Only one prospective submitter asked questions about the RFP.  Below are their questions and answers supplied by Executive Director Chris van Daalen:

1. Q:   Is there an established budget for each of the programs the EcoBuilding Guild puts on?  I see the sponsorship/profit charts, but I am curious if the funding need is known.

A:  Yes and No.  When plans for each program or event are established, a budget is created and approved by the Board.  The budgets for our successful (established, recurring) events are built on previous years budgets, but the size of the budget changes from year to year, depending on circumstances.  For example last year the NW Green Home Tour Budget was about $40,000.  For next year we have hired a more expensive contractor to organize the tour, so our budget is now $47,500 for that event.

The RFP describes “replicating our successful events in other cities.”  For these events, the budget will be set using a pre-established format, and developed by our staff in coordination with the local organizing committee for that event.  For example, we are likely to have a Green Home Tour in Olympia in 2018, and the local team is looking at a budget of approximately $20,000, with little or no money for a paid coordinator because they feel they can do it with a mostly volunteer committee.

Overall, our baseline of sponsorship income has been about $50,000/year for all our programs and events for the past 3-4 years.  Going forward, replicating successful events regionally and expanding other sponsorship opportunities, our goal is to increase total sponsorship income to $150,000.  The program/event volunteer-run committees (and in some cases, paid project coordinators) will help ensure the baseline sponsorships are queued up. The Sponsorship Coordinators role includes closing sales for those baseline sponsors, but the primary focus will be on bringing in the additional $100,000 in new sponsors.

2. Q:  Are there set dates for any of the events?  We are putting together a resource map and timeline, and we are curious if you would like suggestions for dates to reduce stressful stacked dates.

A:  2018 dates:

  • NW Green Home Tour in Seattle will be one of the last two weekends in April.
  • Seattle Green Building Slam+Summit will be early November.
  • Target Date for Olympia Green Home Tour is to coordinate with the same date (or possible preceding/following weekend) of the Seattle Tour (TBD).
  • Target Date for Tacoma Green Building Slam is tentatively March.
  • Target Date for Portland Green Building Slam is not determined.
  • Target Date for publishing Seattle Chapter Green Pages is August/September.
  • Target Date for publishing Code Innovations E-book is sometime between April – June.


3. Q:  Is the Guild satisfied with MemberClicks as their CRM software?  I've seen it before and I think it works, but we may be able to find a software that has more functionality.

A:  We haven’t fully implemented MemberClicks as our CRM Software, so I cannot answer this question.  However we are fully committed to this solution and our transition from Salesforce to MemberClicks should be complete by the time the Sponsorship Coordinator is hired.  We are not looking for a different solution.

4. Q:  Is each role on the Sponsorship Team filled with a person?  Or will recruitment of these roles fall under the scope of this RFP?

A:  Some of the roles on the Sponsorship Team are filled, while others are still being recruited.  No that is not part of the scope of work for the Coordinator.  The Guild will supply staff and volunteers to fill those roles, and that team is intended to support the Coordinator by providing active marketing support, as well as information/communications to coordinate among the different program/event teams in order to prevent duplication of outreach and crossed wires.


Listing Expires: Nov 22, 2017
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